& Predil

Salafossa (Exploration License) and Predil (under application) are two historical zinc-lead mines in the far north-east of Italy approximately 400km by road from Gorno Zinc Project.

Predil is estimated to have produced 30Mt of ore grading 5.0% zinc and 1.2% lead (1.9Mt of contained Zn + Pb) and was producing approximately 50,000 tonnes of zinc and lead concentrates annually at the time of its closure. The concentrates were transported to Gorno and treated through the Ponte Nossa Refinery which still operates today. The deposit remains open at depth.

Salafossa is located north of the town of San Pietro di Cadore and within 7km of the Austrian border. Salafossa produced 10.95Mt of sulphide ore grading 5.0% zinc and 1.0% lead at an average production rate of approximately 500,000 tonnes per annum over 22 years. Salafossa production was from a single flat-lying deposit with dimensions of 750m by 200m and up to 30m wide which facilitated mining by low cost, large scale open stoping.